The Block & Grinder Story

Opened in March 2013, Block & Grinder is a unique retail and restaurant concept specializing in premium beef as well as all-natural, organic meats and wild game. The goal is to go “back to basics” and create a menu structured around appreciating every fresh ingredient.

The name “Block & Grinder” signifies the philosophy of everything under one roof culminating in a true “Butcher Block to Grinder” steak burger, cooked to perfection and ground in-house daily. Every meat selection at the butcher counter and on the menu is hand-cut by Block & Grinder staff. Corned Beef and Pastrami is brined, steamed, smoked, trimmed and cut in-house.

Block & Grinder carefully chooses the best ingredients for thoughtful menu items, including all-natural beef, chosen after conducting a blind taste test among the top all-natural beef providers. Complementing the quality and assortment of meats are premium selections of artisan cheeses, breads, fresh local produce and a well-rounded variety of wines, craft beers and signature cocktails. Block & Grinder’s seasonal menu items will encourage patrons to stretch their palates and to further enhance the experience: the staff has knowledgable recommendations for the best wine, beer and cocktail pairings.

This innovative concept keeps the focus on the food, with farm to table ingredients set within a relaxing environment. Block & Grinder boasts a full bar, wine shop and butcher counter all curated for a fresh and exemplary experience. At the neighborhood butcher counter or at the end of their meal, guests can order steaks and meats cut to order to take home with them along with a bottle of wine.